Coelogyne Rochussenii

IMG_2574.JPGI purchased this Coelogyne Rochussenii from eBay vendor insituorchids, and it arrived on February 24th.  It is a very large plant (easily the biggest that I have ever received), containing several pseudobulbs, lots of good evergreen foliage, with two new growths starting.  It is planted in a net pot that is placed in a second clear plastic pot.  The medium is quite wet, so I won’t have to water it for a while.

There is some conflicting information as to the care of this orchid.  Coelogynes are usually known as cool growing orchids, growing mostly in the higher elevations of southeast Asia, China, and the Phillipines, but some are lowland orchids which take much warmer temperatures.  Some sites recommend cool temperatures with this orchid, but more sites state that this is a lowland-growing orchid which should grow in intermediate to warm environments.

The learn2grow site states that this orchid is from the hot moist lowlands of southeast Asia.  They state

This frost-tender orchid forms clumps of banana-shaped, yellow-green, conspicuously ribbed pseudobulbs. Two pleated, lance-shaped, bright-green leaves arise from the apex of each pseudobulb. New leaves and pseudobulbs develop in spring. Clusters of 20 to 40 buff-yellow blooms are borne on long dangling stems that sprout from the bases of old pseudobulbs in winter. Each blossom has five lance-shaped “petals” and a central creamy-white lip. The lip is marked with several yellow ridges and two brown bands.

This orchid requires hot moist summers, warm winters, high humidity, and bright indirect or filtered light. Give it a porous, soilless growing medium such as a coarse bark mix. Water freely from mid-spring to fall, fertilizing periodically with a dilute solution. Water sparingly in winter. Provide good ventilation and protection from cold drafts.

This plant will be part of my growing experiment in the solarium.  Because of its pendant spikes, it must be hanged, and the environment of the sunroom (cooler lows and higher highs than my orchid room) is borderline for this plant.  I want to put it into S/H, as several growers have had success growing this orchid in this medium, but will wait for a while to see if it acclimatizes to the sunroom environment.

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