Lycaste Hybrid

Lycaste022916.JPGI purchased this beautiful Lycaste Hybrid from Brookside Orchids at the Pacific Orchid Exposition on Saturday, February 27th.  It is a very healthy plant with three blooms coming, and two new growths.  It was my “impulse buy” at the show.

Lycastes of this type are deciduous plants.  They should grow well for me in the Orchid Room (I think the sunroom will be too cool at times).  From the Carter and Holmes website:

The group containing Lycaste and Anguloa are native to very tropical regions of Central and South America. Cloud cover, high humidity and moderate to cool temperatures are normal. The heavy, almost waxy blooms are very unique with a range of colors and intense scents. In the greenhouse, they require some shading to prevent their thin leaves from burning. In the home, however, they need bright filtered light. They are happiest with night temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees and daytime temperatures in the mid 80’s or below. Flowers for many species and hybrids will appear in late spring and early summer, though some are free flowering. In late winter, before blooming season older bulbs may have leaves that turn yellow or drop completely. This is normal and new growth will emerge in spring and early summer.

I will not repot this plant until it has finished blooming.  With the size of the bulbs, there is very little room in this pot.  There is quite a bit of evidence that it should grow in S/H well.

Unfortunately, in my enthusiasm generated by all the orchids at the show, I purchased this one without noticing that the tag had been broken off, and its only identification was “Lycaste”.  I communicated with Brookside Orchids, and they said it was sold as a Lycaste Hybrid, and they did not know the names of the parents.

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