Progress in the Orchid Room

Lots of happenings in the orchid room this week.

  • Winter is over!  All plants will now receive their full complement of fertilizer.  The dendrobiums are mostly in bloom, or about to bloom, and one Catasetum has a new growth coming.  Time to grow now!
  • Spring is here in California.  We have had about fifteen 70 degree days this month (much more than normal) and most of the plant are starting to grow, and show new growth.  Fun to watch!
  • Coelogyne Radicosa has now dropped its initial bloom.  It looks like the blooms last for about two weeks.  A bloom has opened on another spike.
  • Dendrobium Kingianum is developing a new cane.  It had a new cane developing when I purchased the plant (December), but I broke this off when repotting.  The second eye is now developing.
  • I am scrambling to fit the seven plants I purchased at the Pacific Orchid Exposition into my collection.  Several are in bloom, so I want to put them forward on the shelves so that they can “show off”.  Most will not be repotted until they are out of bloom.  I will post about these plants in subsequent posts.
  • I culled six plants from the collection this week.  A Schomburgkia, two Tolumnias, one mini-Cattleya, and two Dendrobiums.  The two Dendrobiums were both dead.  The Cattleya had bad root rot.  The Tolumnias had not grown since I had acquired them. The Schomburgkia’s roots were all short and rotting.  I have two or three other plants that I may throw out, each has shown no growth, and I suspect that the roots are very bad.
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