Odontioda (Prism ‘Glow’ x Crystal Palace ‘Arabian Queen’)

Odontioda22916.JPGI purchased this Odontioda (Prism ‘Glow’ x Crystal Palace ‘Arabian Queen’) from The Orchid Zone at the Pacific Orchid Exposition on Saturday, February 27th.  It is a good quality plant with off-white flowers with red markings.  There are two spikes on this plant, both coming from the same pseudobulb.

Odontiodas are cool growers, and like temperatures that don’t exceed 80 degrees in the summer.  This was grown “outside” by The Orchid Zone, and it will be instructive to see if my warmer Sunroom will inhibit it.  Certainly this room will have the cooler temperatures necessary for three months out of the year.

I will wait until the flowers have faded to repot this into S/H.  It should be a good fit for my Sunroom experiment, and will be permanently placed there.

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