Psychopsis Papilio var alba

PsychopsisAlba030216.JPGI purchased this Psychopsis Papilio var alba at the Pacific Orchid Exhibition in San Francisco on Saturday February 27th.  It has three leaves and one long spike (30+ inches) which has branched into two spikes at the top.  The roots were in marginal shape (which is frequently the case with these plants that have been shipped overseas).  The spaghnum moss that enclosed the roots was quite dry.

This is the “alba” version of the Psychopsis that blooms cream and yellow.  It is somewhat rare, but has the same cultural conditions as the usual psychopsis.  The “alba” versions are generally the “white” flower variants of colored orchids.  Since the alba versions of plants come from population isolation and inbreeding, they have the (sometimes justified) reputation of being “finicky” plants, and difficult to grow and flower.

I planted this into S/H immediately.  I will not water it again for a couple of weeks — then we’ll see.

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