Keiki031616.JPGThree of my nobile-type Dendrobiums are developing Keikis.  Low light levels are one of the primary reasons that keikis are produced by orchids instead of flowering.  The picture of of a keiki growing on my Dendrobium Love Memory ‘Fizz’.  The plant has about 10 flowers this year, and is sitting in southeast corner of the orchid room on the bottom shelf.

Keikis are actually small plants that can be removed from the mother plant and potted in their own medium.  They tend to be quite healthy and fast growing, as they are using the mother plant for resources.  I will wait for the keiki to get bigger (roots greater than 2″) before removing it and potting it up.

Dendrobium Yellow Magic ‘Festival’ has approximately six keikis and no flowers this year.  I will again wait for the keikis to grow before attempting to pot them up.

Dendrobium Sea Mary ‘Snow King’ also has one keiki.  This keiki is low on the stem, and I will not remove it, but let the roots grow into the medium, and let it become part of the mother plant.

Hopefully, my plant lights will help fix the low light problems that create these keikis.

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