Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold ‘Tainan’, AM/AOS

JiuhbaoGold032416.JPGI purchased this Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold ‘Tainan’, AM/AOS  from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, and it arrived yesterday.  It took a while to get here as we had some trouble exchanging payment for the plant (mostly my fault as I am not used to non-electronic means).  Initially, they had set aside another plant that was in bloom, but decided to send this one as it was more robust, and the blooms were about to fade.  They sent the spike and flowers from the first plant also.

It is a healthy plant, grown in an “outside” greenhouse.  When I visited the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate in September, I noticed that they grew many of their plants with little or no media, and this Juihbao Gold is one of these.  Clearly, it was planted in a 2″ pot, transferred to a 4″ pot when it outgrew the 2″ pot, and was transferred to a 6″ pot at a later date.  They did not remove the pot when transferring, but just placed the pot and it contents in the larger pot.  I plan to repot this plant into S/H, and grow it in my solarium.  It has an excellent root structure, although all of the roots probably classify as “air roots”.

JiuhbaoFlower032416.JPGThe picture is of the flowers on the spike they sent with the plant.  These flowers are some of the largest of all the oncidiums, and are really beautiful.  When it is flowering, it will really add color to the collection.

As far as I can tell from researching the web, culture for this plant should be similar to my other oncidiums and oncidium hybrids.

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