Coelogyne Mooreana ‘Brockhurst’

CoelogyneMooreana041916.JPGI purchased this Coelogyne Mooreana ‘Brockhurst’ from eBay vendor “letstalkplants”, and it was delivered on Friday, April 15.  From the American Orchid Society website [Changes are mine]:

This plant is native to Vietnam, and grows best under oncidium-type light.  Intermediate temperatures are best.

Summer days should average in the upper 70’s to the low 80’sF and nights in the low 60’s are ideal. A temperature differential of 10-15F between day and night temperatures is essential for good growth and flower production. During the winter rest period, nights may drop routinely into the low 50’s with an increase in the day/night differential up to 25F.

Coelogyne mooreana is a moderately sized sympodial epiphyte that grows 12-18 inches tall with two glossy green, heavily textured leaves per growth. The erect inflorescence is 15-20 inches tall and emerges from between the leaves of new growths before the pseudobulbs have formed. Three to eight large, fragrant flowers up to 3-4 inches (7-10cm) are produced per inflorescence. They open simultaneously and are well-spaced along the inflorescence. The floral segments are snow white except for a golden yellow blotch on the midlobe of the lip. The flowers last in excellent condition for four to six weeks if the plants are kept cool, somewhat on the dry side and in relatively low light.

I’m hoping it will do well in my solarium environment.

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