Zygopetalum Advance Austrailia ‘HOF’ AM/AOS

AdvanceAustrailia.JPGI purchased this Zygopetalum Advance Austrailia ‘HOF’ AM/AOS at the Gold Country Orchids open house in April of 2016.  I already have one of these orchids, purchased also from Gold Country at the San Jose Orchid Show, and it was an immature plant and has not done well in my care.  When I was building my shelves, I placed it (and others) in my office for a week, and it became diseased there, and barely survived.  I currently have it on the upper shelf, where I don’t believe that it gets enough light.

This new plant is much more mature, with mature bulbs and a flowering growth.  The flowers are incredibly fragrant.  I will let it bloom out, then think about repotting it into S/H.

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