Visit to Three Growers

OdontHaul051916On the weekend of May 14, I visited three orchid growers.  It was a fun weekend.  I first visited Jeff Tyler at Insitu Orchids, who held a small meeting for new growers/hobbyists sponsored by the Sacramento Orchid Society.  I went because he was going to discuss how he grows orchids outside, and I thought this would have good information for growing in my solarium.  It was a very good meeting, with lots of good information.  Jeff’s greenhouse operation is very clean and organized.  I was able to look at his infrastructure and get a lot of information on how it works.  I also purchased three plants (one, a Promenaea, which I have been looking for).

On Sunday, I visited Bob Hamilton in Pacifica CA at the greenhouses of Hawk Hill Orchids.  Bob is a hybridizer of Odontoglossom hybrids and we had a great discussion about his efforts.  It is mostly a hobby thing with him in that he is not a seller, but a growers, and is really trying to improve the odontoglossom hybrid lines.  He was good enough to give me 16 plants, most of which are advanced seedlings, which I will enter into this blog in the future.

On Monday, I visited John at the Orchid Zone in Castroville.  I had visited him in the fall, but wanted to return to see his Odont greenhouse when the plants were in bloom.  I purchased three Odonts from him, and a Lycaste.  I also met the owners of the Tiny Jungle and the owner of eBay seller ‘letstalkplants’.  They were also perusing John’s orchids for purchase.  We had some good discussions.

A great weekend.  I came back with 24 new plants for my collection, many of which are award quality, and I will detail these plants in a later post.


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