In Bloom in the Orchid Room

Several things are in bloom in the orchid room this week.

AussieChip061416.JPGMy Dendrobium Aussie Chip is in bloom.  I purchased this plant from Al’s Orchid Greenhouse on a trip to Washington DC last July.  It was in bloom when I purchased it, held its blooms for a long time, and then seemed to struggle a bit.  It now has several new growths, and four pseudobulbs are in flower.






Promenaea061416.JPGPromenaea Limelight is also in bloom.  I purchased this plant from Insitu Orchids on my visit on May 14, 2016.  I was in bud when I purchased it, and now has three buds in bloom.  (I broke off two buds accidentally.)  The plant has pendant flowers, but beautiful patterning.







Sequential061416.JPGPaphiopetalum Nike’s Delight ‘#2’ x Paphiopetalum Pinocchio ‘Pink’ is in bloom again.  I purchased this orchid from Gold Country Orchids on Thursday January 14, 2016.  It is a sequential bloomer, and is now on its fourth bloom.  The fifth is in bud.







shelob061416.JPGMiltassia Shelob is in bloom and spike again.  I purchased this plant from the Sacramento Orchid show in April of 2015.  It bloomed three times last year, and had started a spike in early spring of this year.  I repotted the plant into a larger container, and it aborted this spike, but formed another quickly.  It is now in bloom with five flowers on the spike, and has another spike coming.





TraderJoes061416.JPGMy Red Miltoniopsis is blooming.  This was a Trader Joe’s plant that was on our coffee table for some time, and I repotted it into S/H after all blooms had faded.  I have done nothing with the plant since — just watered it.  It had two spikes this spring: one on which the flowers were stressed — dead around the edges, but the second has four beautiful flowers.  It will probably need a bigger pot this year.

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