Santa Barbara Open Houses

SnowElf061016.JPGWe traveled to Santa Barbara on Friday to attend the open houses of the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and Cal Orchid.  My specific intent was to talk with Andy Easton, who is moving his business (New Horizon Orchids) to Columbia soon, and had several cymbidiums to offer for the last time in the US.  We did get together for a half-hour discussion, which was very informative, and I came away with four cymbidiums to add to the collection.

I got one big one, a Cymbidium Snow Elf #2, in a two gallon pot.  It is an established orchid, and has several new growths.  I will probably divide this one immediately into two or three, perhaps experimenting with media — a different media for each.  I don’t really know what I will do with this big plant, but I will find a way.

SnowParish071016.JPGCymbidium Snow Elf x Parish Elf is a smaller plant in a one gallon container.  It has three new growths, and looks like an extremely healthy plant.  The blooms are just fading on this plant, but one can see the bright yellow color of the blooms.







PacificSparkle071016.JPGCymbidium Pacific Sparkle ‘New Horizon’ 4n is another healthy plant, just past seedling stage and probably will bloom next year.  I believe that this should have cream colored flowers.








SineaseAlbum071016.JPGCymbidium Sinease Album x Golden Rule is a yellow alba, and again a healthy plant with several new growths.  I will leave this in its current pot for this season before repotting.








My time with Andy Easton was well worth the trip to Santa Barbara.

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