Lockhartia Bennettii — another experiment

Lockhartia072716.JPGI purchased this Lockhartia Bennettii from Ecuagenera (Orchids from Ecuador) at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco on July 23rd.  I have been looking for another Lockhartia, as the Lockhartia Lunifera that I have now is such a good bloomer.  This one was mounted on a small cork board, had three growths, and a beginning new growth, and had two blooms.  The blooms are white-ish and somewhat larger (and rounder) than Lunifera.

I initially decided not to purchase this plant, as I do not want to grow mounted orchids (yet?), but the owner convinced me that I could just put the cork mount into spaghnum moss, and the plant would grow well.  So, I have mounted it in a 4″ net pot, where I have conntected only two of the three wires from the hanger, so that the pot is slanted downward.  I have hung the plant on the south side of the solarium where it will get morning sun and semi-bright shade.

Lockhartia1072716.JPG…and we’ll see what happens…

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