Miltonia Endresii

Miltonia072716.JPGI purchased this Miltonia Endresii from Andy’s Orchids at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco on July 23rd.  It has several pseudobulbs, is planted in a 6″ net pot, and is currently in bloom.  It appears to be planted in sphagnum moss, and has a layer of cover plants over the moss.

It has “rare species” written on the tag, and information about the plant is difficult to find on the internet.  It appears that this plant can be placed in either Miltonia or Miltoniopsis (in which its name is Miltoniopsis Warscewiczii).

It appears to be a Brazilian Miltonia, which means it can grow in slightly warmer temperatures, but should be kept damp.  It is currently in the orchid room, where it will remain through the summer.

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