What’s Happening?

OdcdmTiger080816.JPGI have been watching my Odontocidium Tiger Hamburhen x Odontoglossom Stonehurst Yellow for some time.  I purchased this plant at the San Jose Orchid Exposition from Cal Orchid in June of 2015, as it had a long spike of yellow-based flowers.  It bloomed out for me, and I replanted into S/H right after blooming.  I also replanted this in January of 2016, as it was one of the pots that had developed too much mineral salt from the fertilizer excess in my water.  I put it on the top shelf of the south side of the orchid room, where it developed a nice new growth, and eventually a nice new bulb, but didn’t flower.

I place the plant on the southwest corner of the orchid room, and watched another new growth develop into a new bulb, which was bigger than all previous bulbs.  This morning, I noticed that this new bulb had developed a new growth, which probably means that the plant will not flower again this year.  I have now moved it to the center table in the orchid room to try to get it more light.

I will let the new growth develop for a while, and then replant this into a bigger pot.  It needs it.

[Note:  two of the leaves are broken in this photo.  This was my fault, as they got broken during watering, and I decided to leave the leaves there for a while.]

RedJewell080816.JPGI purchased this Lycaste Red Jewell ‘Jumbo’ at the Sacramento Orchid Show on April 9, 2016.  It has developed nicely so far, and appears to have adapted to the S/H media.  It has three new growths, which, so far, are very healthy.  I have it placed on the center table in the orchid room.







PsychopsisNewLeaf080816.JPGMy Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ is developing a new leaf.  I purchased this plant from a Taiwanese vendor at the Pacific Orchid Exposition in San Francisco on Saturday February 27th.  It is growing new roots along with this.  The single spike on the plant has developed a “false” bud twice since I have had the plant, and is working on another.  Hopefully one will turn into a flower.



Leonis080816.JPGMy Angrecum Leonis x self has started growing again.  I purchased this plant from Hausermann Orchids in Chicago on Thursday, October 29, 2015.  It had two major growths on the plant and developed one bloom, aborted another bloom, and aborted another spike.  After the blooms/spike faded, I place it into S/H.

I did not like the S/H at all: the leaves drooped, and the plant looked very unhealthy.  I place this plant on the top shelf of the south side of the orchid room, where it perked up somewhat and has now started growing new roots, and further developing on of the two major growths.

Hopefully, it will revive.



TigerBrew080816.JPGI have been watching my Wilsonara Tiger Brew ‘Pacific Holiday‘, which I purchased from a vendor at the Monterey Farmers Market, on Friday, October 9, 2015.  I have two of these plants, (the other is from Gold Country Orchids).  This is the younger one, and I have used to to test the lighting on the top shelf of the orchid room.  Unfortunatley, It has not grown well — having one new growth (to the right in the picture), but not developing as rapidly as I would like.  It is in a small S/H pot (the problems of which I have detailed earlier), but seems to be doing OK.

I will leave it where it is for now, and continue watching.


PaphOrchidZone080816.JPGI have been watching my Papheopetalum ( Be Happy ‘Oh Yeah’ x Shine Lovely ‘Tidal Wave’) from The Orchid Zone, on my visit of Wednesday, October 7, 2015.  It cost me very little, and I thought that John considered it an inferior plant.  I planted it into S/H immediately.  It went out of bloom and seemed to have struggled ever since.  It finally has a new growth, although this growth looks somewhat stunted.

We’ll see…




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