What’s Happening?

Tiffany080916.JPGI have been watching all the Odontiodas and Odontoglossoms that I got from Bob Hamilton when visiting his greenhouses on May 14th.  This is Odontioda (Tiffany x Joe’s Drum ‘Amethyst’). It has developed a new growth (coming out the backside), and seems to be very healthy.

It has some spotting on the leaves, but this seems to have stopped now.





GreenLantern080916.JPGDendrobium Green Lantern (Dawn Maree x Cruentum) has been sitting in the shady spot (southwest corner) of the solarium since late May.  I purchased this plant from H&R Orchids at the Sacramento Orchid Society Spring Show on April 9th, and it has been in bloom ever since.  I think, however, these are the last two blooms of this year.  The plant is developing two new growths at the base.


WineStar080916.JPGBeallara Wine Spots ‘New Star’ was purchased at Trader Joes in November or December of 2014.  [I don’t know if this is the correct name for the plant, as I labeled it before I knew what I was doing.  I need to have it rebloom before reexamining the name.]  I planted it into S/H, placed it on the lower shelf of the south window in the orchid room, and it stayed there (and did essentially nothing) until I moved it to the solarium in June of 2016.  It has struggled in its small S/H pot, looking diseased at times, but probably suffering from a lousy environment and no light.

It has a new growth (seen growing off to the left in the picture), and looks much healthier now.  I will wait to see if it develops a spike before taking any action, but a repotting into a larger S/H pot is in its future.

I would like to see this one bloom again.

Panise080916.JPGI purchased this Odontioda (Odm. Panise ‘Fancy Brass’ x Oda. Eric Young) from the Orchid Zone on my visit of May 14, 2016, and it bloomed beautifully for over a month.  I am now in a waiting mode to see how it will sprout new growths, before repotting it into a new larger pot.

Currently, it is developing two new growths, a larger one on the topmost bulb, and another on the bulb in the lower left.  It has a third potential growth on the topmost bulb, but it hasn’t grown in a while, and I think it may be discarded.

This plant got bugs from the one next to it, and I have been spraying it periodically.

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