What’s Happening?

Rossioglossom081816.JPGI have repotted my Rossioglossom (Schlieperianum x williamsianum) that I purchased from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate on my visit to their open house on July 8th.  This plant was in bud when I purchased it, and the flowers formed, but never fully opened.  It was as if the tips of the petals were stuck.  The flowers remained in this state for about two weeks, and then began to fade.  The plant is now out of bloom.

I just slipped the plant out of its pot and moved it into a bigger pot, replacing it in the solarium.  I will investigate why the flowers would not open.


CologyneGold081816.JPGMy Coelogyne Flaccida ‘Gold Country’, that I purchased from from Jeff Tyler who sells on eBay as ‘insituorchids’ on May 14th, is growing well.  It has several new growths, but no flowers yet.  It is currently hanging on the southwest window of the solarium.  I will leave the plant in place for this year, but it will need a repotting next season.






Brockhurst081816.JPGMy Coelogyne Mooreana ‘Brockhurst’, that I purchased from eBay vendor “letstalkplants” on Friday, April 15, is growing well.  It has had two new growths, but each has not flowered (the flowers emerge from the new growth before pseudobulbs are formed).  The flower stem on both growths seemed to turn brown early, and the growth quickly turned into another pseudobulb.  (One can see the brownish growth in the pseudobulb on the left in the photo.)

According to information on the net, Coelogyne Mooreana ‘Brockhurst’  is called the queen of the Coelogynes, is a cool-ish growing orchid, and should flourish in my solarium.  It is planted in compact sphagnum moss.

I will leave it in place for now and watch the new growth.

Wilsonara081816.JPGMy Wilsonara (Odcdm. Calif. Gold ‘Nugget’ x Oda. (Eric Young x Mem…)), that I purchased from the Orchid Zone on May 14th, has been out of bloom for some time.  I have been watching this plant for new growth, and it finally pushed one out.  It looks to be a healthy growth, and I will let it get bigger and watch to see if the plant needs repotting.






GoldDigger081816.JPGMy Lc. Gold Digger ‘O Glades Mandarin’ was an extremely overgrown plant when  I got it in late February of 2015.  I split it into two pieces (this being the larger piece in the photo), put one in the west window of the orchid room, and one in the south window.  The one in the west window grew a new pseudobulb and formed a sheath, but the sheath died almost immediately.  The one in the south window (the larger one), was dumped out of its pot 3 times, struggled along, formed three very small pseudobulbs, and did nothing.

I have placed the smaller piece on the top north shelf of the orchid room, where it get direct filtered sunlight a couple of times per day, and it seems to be doing well.  It has grown a new pseudobulb which is in sheath.

I finally placed the larger division in the northwest corner of the solarium, where it gets morning sun (50% shade cloth filtered) and much more light.  It has developed two very good pseudobulbs, each with sheaths.

Here’s hoping for some flowers…

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