Odontocidium Everglades Elegance ‘Nancy Lee’ HCC/AOS

NancyLee082416.JPGHere is an orchid, Odontocidium Everglades Elegance ‘Nancy Lee’ HCC/AOS, that has not appeared on this blog before.  I purchased this orchid from an eBay vendor while on a riverboat cruising down the Danube River in May of 2015, and it was shipped to me after we got home.

I generally was not happy with this purchase, as one of the orchids I received in this shipment was diseased, and this one was extremely dry.  I planted them into S/H immediately, soon tossing the diseased orchid.  This plant has lived mostly in the upper east shelf of the orchid room, growing weakly.

After I complete the solarium conversion, I transferred this plant to the trays on the floor at the south window of the room, where it seemed to perk up a bit.  (Note: the leaves are wet from watering the hanging plants above this one)

Two days ago, I noticed that the plant was in spike.  Good news!!!

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