What’s Happening?

IMG_3615.JPGLycaste Shoalhaven sib (Shoalhaven ‘Alba Round’ x Shoalhaven ‘Albion’) is in bloom again, with a single bloom.  I purchased this orchid from the Orchid Zone (Z6417) on my visit to their greenhouses on May 16th.  The plant has grown very large leaves, nearly two fee high, and I repotted it — shifting it in the pot so the new growth had room — about a month ago.  This little flower was somewhat of a surprise.





IMG_3617.JPGMy Odontioda (Oda. (Aviewood x Durham City) x Odm. Jim Mintsiveris ‘Spotter’) is now fully in bloom.  I purchased this plant from the Tiny Jungle at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco on July 23rd.  The initial bloom, which I have shown in this blog before, has now faded.

Beautiful plant.






Artist082416.JPGMy Dendrobium Aussie Artist, which is a cross between Den. Cobber ‘Violet Gold’ and Den. speciosum v. curvicaule ‘Daylight Moon’ FCC/AOC, is growing slowly.  I have two of these, and transferred them to the solarium about two months ago.  They have each grown a new bulb, but don’t seem to be that fast growing.  They both suffer from the small port S/H problem, and I may repot one of them in bark to see how they grow.

The new growth has what seems to be an aborted sheath.  Since I have not seen one of these bloom, I am not sure what this means for the plant.

Wilsonara082416.JPGMy Wilsonara Michoacan ‘Mariposa’, that I purchased from Tom Perlite at Golden Gate Orchids on April 27, 2015, has been transferred to the solarium, and seems to be growing well.  It has developed a new pseudobulb, growing to the left in the picture, and seems to be quite healthy.






Tisku082416.JPGMy Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite ‘#2’, that  I purchased from Al’s Orchid Greenhouse in Virginia, finally has a spike.  I place this plant on the center table of the orchid room for over a year, and it had only some weak growth.  Since I have place it in the solarium, it now drinks the reservoir empty at each watering, and seems much healthier.

I noticed a new spike (growing to the left in the picture) a few days ago.

This plant also suffers from the small-pot S/H problems of too many salt deposits on the plants.  I will repot this into a larger S/H pot after it finished blooming.


MarkKoch082416.JPGMy Potinara Mark Koch ‘Sutter Butte’, that I purchased at the Gold Country Orchids open house in April of 2016, is developing buds.  This plant had four new growths, and I watched three of them develop dry small sheaths, with no buds.  However, the fourth new pseudobulb seems to be developing buds now.







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