Angraecum Longicalar

IMG_3664.JPGI purchased this Angraecum Longicalar from Austin Creek Orchids on my visit to their greenhouse on September 13th.  It is a fairly large plant, with two spikes, and new children growing from the base.  Dale said that he grew this plant “tight and bright”, as it doesn’t like to be repotted much, and it needs bright light.  He did repot the plant just before I purchased it, but just slipped it into a bigger pot (He said that it would not stand up in the smaller pot, as the foliage was too large.).  He stated that if the leaves started to drop, then the plant was not getting enough light.

I placed it in the northwest corner of the solarium in one of the brighter spots in the room, and will keep it there.  According to the information on the net, it needs to dry out between waterings, and once in spike, should not be moved.

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