What’s Happening?

Kingainum101916.JPGMy Trader Joe’s Dendrobium Kingianum is blooming again, with several spikes.  I purchased this plant on November 21, 2015, to take to the mountain cabin for Thanksgiving.  It was in bloom when I purchased it, and bloomed again in the spring.

The plant formed three keikis during the spring and summer, and then decided to bloom from each of the keikis and also from the main plant.  Beautiful blooms.




Psychopsis101916.JPGMy Psychopsis Papilio var alba is still in bloom.  I purchased this orchid from an international vendor at the San Francisco Orchid Show in February, and it formed a bloom from its tallest spike in the spring.  It has grown a second spike, and has also bloomed there.  But as each bloom has faded, the plant, a sequential bloomer, has bloomed again.






MarkKoch101916.JPGPotinara Mark Koch ‘Sutter Butte’ is in bloom.  I purchased this plant at the Gold Country Orchids open house in April of 2016.  It had four leads, two of which have formed new flowers.  It looks to bloom twice per year.




ZygoSeedlings101916.JPGI have started to place my Zygopetalum seedlings out on the regular shelves, where they will get water and fertilizer like all my plants.  I deflasked these seedlings on November 12, 2015.




Everglades101916.JPGOdontocidium Everglades Elegance ‘Nancy Lee’ HCC/AOS is in bloom.  I purchased this orchid from an eBay vendor while on a riverboat cruising down the Danube River in May of 2015.  It had not done well for me, and I placed it in the solarium on the floor, on the southern edge of the room, thinking I would throw it out soon.  However, it formed two very good new pseudobulbs, and both spiked.  It has been in bloom for over a month now.

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