Epilaeliocattleya Volcano Trick ‘Fireball’ is in bloom (finally)

volcano112916.JPGI purchased this Eplc. Volcano Trick ‘Fireball’ from eBay (vendor: eorchids) on February 23, 2015 and it arrived about a week later.  It was one of the orchids that always attracted me, and I picked up a second one from Carmela Orchids on April 4th, 2015.  Both of these orchids were planted into S/H, and they struggled in this mix.  The first was placed in the west facing window of the orchid room, and grew a sheath in its first year, but never produced flowers.  The second grew healthy pseudobulbs, but never a sheath.

I placed both of these on the upper shelf of the orchid room in late October of 2015 to give them more light.  The first one produced a new pseudobulb and sheath in the spring, and went into spike in the late summer.  It is now in bloom.  The second plant produced another good pseudobulb, but no sheath.  On further inspection, this plant has never produced a sheath even though it has more pseudobulbs than the first, and looks healthier.  Both are still planted in S/H, but need bigger pots.

The image is a little washed out because of the red/blue grow lights in the orchid room.

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