Maclellanara Pagan Lovesong ‘Chocolate Thunder’

Maclellanara112916.JPGI purchased this Maclellanara Pagan Lovesong ‘Chocolate Thunder’ from Gold Country Orchids at their open house on November 18.  I went to the open house this day to attend a lecture by Paph Paradise about Paphiopedalums, but noticed this plant back in a pile of plants in their second greenhouse.   It is a large plant, clearly several years old.  It has two distinct leads to its rhizome, and bunch of dead bulbs in between.  One lead has a spike that is in bloom, and one lead is in spike.  I will need to separate this into two plants, as it is growing out of the current pot in two directions, and I will do so when it has finished blooming.  It currently sits on the table in the solarium.

From Wikipedia:

Maclellanara, abbreviated Mclna. in the horticultural trade, is the nothogenus comprising intergeneric hybridsbetween the orchid genera Brassia, Odontoglossum and Oncidium (Brs. x Odm. x Onc.).

It is planted in large bark, and has a date of 05/06/05 on the tag, so it is an old plant.  It should do well in my environment.

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