Ionocidium Misty ‘Highland’

Ionocidium120116.JPGI purchased this Ionocidium Misty ‘Highland’ at the Gold Country Orchids open house on November 18th.  Ionocidium is a cross between Ionopsis and Oncidium, and this plant has many small oncidium-like pseudobulbs, and is currently in bloom.  The inflorence is about a foot long, and heavily branched, and the flowers are quite small, but beautiful.  It has many air roots.

It is difficult to find information about this cross.  It was made by Gold Country Orchids, but was never registered, as one of the parents is not known.  They do list the plant for sale on their website (which is out of date, I think), but I found this one sitting alone on a table in their second greenhouse.  The information online says that the few crosses of this type excell when mounted on a vertical surface.

Misty120116.JPGWhen I saw this plant, I noticed an obvious “climbing-the-tree” habit, and thought of it as a good candidate for mounting on my walnut mount (perhaps waiting until it is warmer in spring).  I think that it could fill up the mount in a short time, and become a good specimen.

The flowers are small, and I used my macro lens on the iPhone to take the picture.

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