The Greenhouse

Greenhouse1.pngI have started planning for a greenhouse to be placed on the south side of our home.  It would encompass the 10’x9′ alcove between the orchid room and the solarium, and would extend out to the fence on our southern property line.  The illustration shows my first attempts to outline the structure.  If possible, it would have approximately 285 sq. ft. of space.

I believe that I could have a work area in the greenhouse, with a sink (using the drain in the solarium), storage, and RO water supplies and pump.

This would enable me to have many mounted plants, plus some larger plants that I cannot have in my limited space.   I also plan to have a small table and chairs on the south side, where we could have coffee in this nice environment.

Initial planning stages only now.  I have to fit the project into the city’s (and homeowner’s) codes and get an architect to help plan the project.  I am leaning toward a kit greenhouse, looking at several manufacturers.  Florian is my current preference, but this may change.  Probably early summer construction.

First of many posts on this topic, I bet.

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