Dendrobium dichaeoides ‘Stony Point’

Dichaeoides010217.JPGI purchased this Dendrobium Dichaeoides ‘Stony Point’ from Marni Turkel on eBay on December 23rd, and it arrived on December 29th.  It is a small mounted orchid, a small division from a very large plant, and looks to be in good shape.

According to the AOS website,

This miniature species hales from the mountains of the island of New Guinea where it grows at altitudes of between 1,000 and 2,000 meters (3,250 to 6,500 feet). It, along with some 80 or so other species, belongs to the Pedilonum section of the genus.

This species does best under cool to intermediate conditions with constant, high humidity and year-round watering, although somewhat drier conditions during the dull winter months are beneficial. [My addition:  most of the pedilonum members are grown warm, but not this one.]  The optimum light level is dependent on the growing temperatures. The cooler the plants are grown, the more light they will tolerate. Light levels corresponding to bright semi-shade are a minimum for adequate flowering.

It is currently mounted with a small amount of coconut fiber covering the roots.  I have been watering this each day, spraying it heavily with water.  It is currently in bloom, and opefully it will form a nice large mat in the future.

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