Beallara Wine Spots ‘New Star’ is in bloom

WineSpots020217.JPGBeallara Wine Spots ‘New Star’ is one of my original orchids, and was purchased at Trader Joes in November or December of 2014.   I planted it into S/H, placed it on the lower shelf of the south window in the orchid room, and it stayed there (and did essentially nothing) until I moved it to the solarium in June of 2016.  It has struggled in its small S/H pot, looking diseased at times, but probably suffering from a lousy environment and no light.

But in the solarium, it developed a new quality pseudobulb, and a eventually a spike.  It is now in bloom, and will have four flowers.

I am happy about this one as I had essentially given up on it.  I like Beallaras, and this one had a very dramatic color change in its spots.  I will let it finish blooming, and then repot it into my bark mix — and a larger pot.

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