Odontoglossum lucianianum

OdontSeedlings020217.JPGI purchased a flask of Odontoglossum Lucianianum from Marni Turkel on December 23rd.  After some discussion — she had both treated and untreated flasks — I decided to purchase the treated flask, and it arrived on January 30.  She had deflasked the seedlings, and they were wrapped in a damp paper towel, ready to plant.

I planted these into my specimen cups with a small bark/sphagnum moss media.  They are currently sitting on a warm pad with a humidity dome.  I got 28 plants (some are compots of small seedlings).



Lucian020217.pngThis picture is from Marni’s website, and shows a possible bloom.  Probably four to five years to get this.

We’ll see how it goes.

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