Five New Additions

On Saturday, February 4, I visited Brookside Orchids in Portola Valley CA, and picked up five new plants.  Brookside Orchids has a very nice showroom, but the interesting things are in the greenhouses in the back.  Here they have their seedlings, mounted plants, and more interesting species.  They also are a boarding facility for many plants, including large collections.

A good facility to visit, and I will be back.

Honolulu020617.JPGI purchased a Wilsonara Opalescent ‘Honolulu’.  I have been looking for this plant for some time.  Most of the Wilsonaras are red or orange/yellow it seems, and this one is purple.  This is a large plant with a single spike about 2+ feet tall.  The spike is branched well down at the bottom of the single spike.  There will be about 20 flowers total, 10 of which are open now.






Epidendrum020617.JPGI found an Epidendrum Serena O’Neill (Mabel Kanda x Cordigera).  The plant looks like it is about to explode into bloom.  It has two well-branched spikes, coming from two good-sized pseudobulbs, and has over 30 buds, with more to come.

I was, again, particularly happy with this purchase, as I had been looking for a smaller (in height) epidendrum for some time.  I did have a reed stem epidendrum in my initial purchases, which grew tall, never bloomed, and had many keikis.  Hopefully this one will do better.

I have placed this one on the top shelf of the solarium where it can get maximum light (for my facility).

Usitae020617.JPGI purchased a mounted Dendrobium Usitae ‘Red Coral’ SM/TOGA x self.  They had many mounted Dendrobiums — mounted on cork slabs — and this looked like a good one.  I have been trying to increase my collection of  mounted orchids (in anticipation of my new greenhouse), and I currently have no plants mounted on cork.

I should bloom bright red flowers on the older growth canes.





SLCLady020617.JPGI purchased an Slc. Hsin Buu Lady ‘Y.T.’ AM/AOS, which they had near the front desk.  This one was purple in color, and quite striking.  It has two spikes, both in bloom, one with two flowers and one with one.  I am not really a person that likes “red cattleya”-type orchids, but this one caught my eye.

From the web:

“Slc.” is the abbreviation used to describe hybrid orchids with parentage from three species: sophronitis, laelia and cattleya. These flowers are also sometimes called “sophrolaeliocattleya” orchids. The various hybrids usually have the yellow, orange or red flowers of sophronitis orchids, but they are considered to be part of the cattleya alliance when it comes to orchid culture

Hildos020617.JPGI found a Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ FCC/AOS.  They had several seedling-sized psychopsis orchids, and this one had two new growths, which caused me to purchase it.  I will use it as an experiment.  I already have a psychopsis growing in S/H.  It grew a new leaf last year, but did not spike or flower on its existing spike.  I have had the older psychopsis for a year, and will repot it into a bark mix and change its location.  Since psychopsis are known for not liking their roots to be disturbed, I purchased this new plant as insurance, in case I lose the older one.

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