Odontioda Tricolour 4N x (Tiffany x Joe’s Drum) is in bloom

Tricolour021717.JPGI acquired this Odontioda Tricolour 4N (Tiffany x Joe’s Drum) during my visit to Bob Hamilton’s greenhouses on May 14, 2016.  It was a healthy seedling when I acquired it, and I kept it in the same pot.  It has now bloomed with three flowers on a short stem.  The flowers are quite striking, with excellent coloring.  It is the first of the Bob Hamilton Odontoglossom hybrids to bloom for me.

It is currently sitting in a west facing window in the solarium, so it gets morning light from the skylights, and some afternoon light.  It was moved into the solarium shortly after I acquired it, on May 28th.

The flower is fairly small, but this is a seedling, and I will expect it to get bigger.

Beautiful Orchid!

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