New Additions from the San Francisco Orchid and Garden Exposition

The San Francisco Orchid and Garden Exposition was held February 24-26 in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.  This was a new (and smaller) venue for this show, and there were fewer vendors than in previous years — however, the quality vendors were still there.  They had vendors from Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, and several other countries.  The selection of orchids for sale, and the exhibition, was amazing.

I picked up several new plants at the show, and am happy with each of them.

Constrictum022717.JPGMy first purchase was this Odontoglossom constrictum from Andy’s Orchids.  It is in planted in a six inch pot, and is in bloom with eight (sometimes branching) spikes, each holding ten or more flowers.  It is a Venezuelan native, and will grow in an intermediate to cold environment, with bright light.  I will hang it in the solarium for now.







Snowflake022717.JPGI purchased an Oncidium Speckeled Spire ‘Snowflake’ from Brookside Orchids.  This is a large oncidium with two branching spikes, each 3′ or more in length.  It should bloom in a cloud of white oncidium-like flowers.  It will need a new pot when it finishes blooming.








Speciusum022717.JPGI picked up this Dendrobium specio-kingianum ‘Crysta’ from Brookside orchids.  It was just too good to pass up.  It is in bloom and is very fragrant.  It is currently sitting on the coffee table in the living room, because my wife likes the fragrance.








Rossii022717.JPGI purchased this Lemboglossom (Odontoglossom) Rossii from Andy’s Orchids.  It is a small plant, in bud, mounted on a heavy piece of wood.  It looks like a good grower.









Amplexa022717.JPGMasdevallia Amplexa was purchased also from Andy’s Orchids.  I wanted to get one quality Masdevallia at this show, and decided on this one.  It is mounted on a piece of wood, has several spikes and blooms.  In talking to Andy, I would like to put it in the warmest spot in the solarium, as it likes slightly warmer temperatures than most of my orchids.






Boissierianum022717.JPGI purchased the Phragmipedium Pearcei ‘Cricket’ x boissierianum ‘Green Dragon’ from a local vendor who was selling orchids and other plants.  I did not get a vendor name.  It is a beautiful Phragmipedium with three spikes.  Two of the spikes are in bloom, and the third is out of bloom, but with a new bud.  It is a sequential bloomer.







Caudatum022717.JPGMy last purchase was a Phragmipedium Caudatum that I purchased from PeruFloria.  It was wrapped in sphagnum moss, and I planted it directly into my bark mix.  It looks like it needs a couple of years to mature, but when mature, this should be a beautiful plant.

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