Dendrobium Fancy Lady ‘Royal Princess’ is in bloom

RoyalPrincess031217.JPGDendrobium Fancy Lady ‘Royal Princess’ is in bloom.  I purchased this plant from an eBay vendor on March 15, 2015.  When repotting it into S/H, I noticed that it was two plants in the same pot.  I planted each one individually, placing them in the southeast corner of the orchid room on the bottom level.  They stayed there for about 18 months, and only one of them grew a new pseudobulb.  I placed them in the solarium for their winter’s rest, one on the top shelf, and one on the upper west shelf.

They are both now in bloom.  This is the one on the west shelf, which has been in bloom for about two weeks.  The one on the upper shelf, which gets much more light, is in bloom for the first time today.

I plan to move these plants out of S/H, and into a bark mixture.  They have not grown well in S/H.

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