New Additions

I attended the spring sale at California Orchids in Bolinas CA on Saturday, March 25th.  California Orchids is a large boarding house for orchids that sells to the public only two days per year — once in the spring, and once in the fall.  It was a very impressive show, with very high quality orchids.  Many of these I had not seen for sale before.  I purchased six orchids from this sale, and am happy with each of them.

VictorianBlush032717.JPGDendrobium Victorian Blush ‘Royal Show 2002’ was my first purchase, and my wife picked out this one.  It is a very healthy dendrobium, potted in a bark mix in a 6″ pot.  They advertise that this can be grown outside, but Bolinas is only a few meters from the Pacific Ocean, and I suspect that it must be kept inside here.  It is in full bloom.







Maxillaria032717.JPGI purchased a Maxillaria Lepidota, which is planted in a bark mix in a 4″ pot.  It is in bloom with several single flowers, each on a 8-10″ spike.  I have a maxillaria tenuifolia, which has never bloomed for me, and I have been looking for another that might give me some additional information.  It is a beautiful plant.







Cischweinfia032717.JPGI purchased a Cischweinfia sheehaniae, which is mounted on a stick.  There are two main growths (upper and lower), and the plant is growing like crazy.  It doesn’t appear that this one has bloomed yet (I can’t find any cut-off spikes), so I will give it a bit more light, and a little less water.

A beautiful hanging plant.







Ignea032717.JPGMy wife also selected this Masdevallia Ignea, which has beautiful red striped flowers.  It is also grown in a bark mix.  I have decided to get my masdevallias out of sphagnum moss and into a small bark mix.  They are just too wet in my environment.

We will put this one in a little more light also.







Deperle032717.JPGI purchased a Paphioledilum Deperle that has a spike with two flowers and two other buds, and a new spike coming.  This is a very healthy Paph, and is a different color than the others that I have in my collection.









Bulbo032717.JPGI purchased a Bulbophyllum falcatum ‘Standing Tall’, which is in bloom.  It is a warm growing plant, and can grow quickly into a large specimen.  It is planted in a medium bark mix, in a 5″ bulb pot (shallow), and California Orchids grows all their Bulbophyllums in this way.  I may try some of my Bulbos this way.

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