New Additions from the Sacramento Orchid show.

The Sacramento Orchid Society Show and Exposition was held on April 8th and 9th, and I purchased three new plants.  I was somewhat restricted in that my space is full, and I don’t have a lot of room for new orchids.  However, I found three very good plants.

Philipp040717.JPGI purchased a Paphiopedilum Phiippinense (phiippinense ‘JEM’ AM/AOS x philippinense alba ‘Sterling’) from Paph Paradise.  These Slipper orchids have long petals — frequently over a foot long, and I have been looking for such a plant for some time.  This plant is in spike.

To become a specimen plant, this plant will need a warm/humid environment.





bicolor040717.JPGI purchased a Leptotes bicolor 4N from Cal Orchid.  This plant is mounted on a piece of cork, and has one flower in bloom, with several others in bud.  It should be a good addition to my mounted plants.








Paniculata040717.JPGI also purchased a Polystachya Paniculata from Cal Orchid.  This plant is currently in spike/bud, and will probably have a protrusion of orange flowers.  It is an African rain forest plant, and is usually grown in an intermediate-to-warm environment.


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