Peristeria Pendula

Peristeria042417.JPGI purchased this Peristeria Pendula from Haiku Maui Orchids on my visit to their greenhouses on April 18, 2017.  This orchid was a surprise to me, as its flowers are a different color from the usual Pendula, which are purplish-red.  It was sent back to me and arrived on April 22nd.  It had three buds when I purchase it, and they had started to open when it arrived.

This plant is an epiphyte that grows in wet forests at 500 to 1100 meters across northern South America.   It is a pendant bloomer, and the flowers should sit on the media when in bloom.  From the web:

It is a hot to warm growing orchid, and it prefers bright, filtered light all year round. When new pseudobulb is actively growing, ample watering is demanded, so as balanced fertilizers for this large, fast-growing orchid – it is a heavy feeder. When active growth in length is slowing, you should reduce watering and fertilizers, because overwatering and excessive fertilizers are not very good in this period. Watering then should be at a minimum level, so if its pseudobulbs shiver a little it’s ok. It is also a good idea to slightly reduce a temperature, especially at night to promote flowering. Then, when flower spikes have emerged, you can slightly increase watering, but not too high. Peristerias prefer open, well-drained potting mixture with medium bark, cocoa chips, sphagnum moss and tree fern. So this orchid’s growing is quite simple, it is recommended not overwater it, especially if it is not in an active growth phase, and give it bright light and warmth.

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