Odontioda Cornelia ‘Distinction’

Cornelia051017.JPGAnother visit to Bob Hamilton and his fascinating collection of Odontoglossom Hybrids.  I visited Bob on Sunday, May 7th at his greenhouse in Pacifica, and he gave me several plants to add to my collection.  I will be writing about these plants for the next several posts.

This is Odontioda Cornelia ‘Distinction’.  It caught my eye immediately upon entering his greenhouse, as it is such an unusual color for a Odontoglossum hybrid.  It is rare to see an “orange” in these plants.  This one is a very healthy plant, potted in a 5″ pot with a bark/lava-rock mix.  It has 13 flowers on a single spike, two of which have not yet opened.  It is growing in two directions, and is about to grow out of the pot, so I will have to repot it after it has completed blooming.

Bob emphasized that these plants should be potted tight in the pot, as they like to be restricted.  He also stated that he is moving more to a finer bark mix for his Odonts, and moving away from lava rock.

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