Odontioda (Tribbles x Ray’s Red) is in bloom

RaysRed070917.jpgI acquired this Odontioda (Tribbles x Ray’s Red) on my visit to Bob Hamilton’s Greenhouse on May 7th, 2017.  It is a large plant with two three-foot long spikes, and is now fully in bloom.  It has approximately 72 flowers, each of which is about 2 1/2 to 3″ across.

I was initially disappointed with the color of the flowers, as the white part initially was very pale, and there seemed to be a lot of bleeding of the red.  However, a couple of days after the flower is out, the colors became much more “crisp”, and I am really enjoying this plant.

It will have to be divided when it is out of bloom, as it has outgrown it’s pot.  It has been sitting on the center table in the solarium, where it is cooler and gets lots of bright light.

This was an “Orchid Zone” plant, and it turns out that I have another one.  The second plant currently sits on the lower level in the south window of my Orchid Room (warmer, less light).  It has essentially done nothing since I got it.

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