Promenaea Limelight is in bloom

Promenaea070917.jpgI purchased this Promenaea Limelight from Jeff Tyler who sells on eBay as insituorchids on my visit to his greenhouses on May 13, 2006.  Like all my promenaeas, it has struggled.  I have them all planed in a net pot with sphagnum moss, and they are all struggling.  New growths seem to get diseased, and drop off.  The only advice I have received on them is to keep them “shady and wet”.  Two of them have bloomed, but the blooms do not last long.

This picture is a little washed out, as I needed to take it with the flash.  The yellows really come out with the flash.  The colors on the bloom are much a more a brownish yellow.

These are some of the plants I need to work on.

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