Oncidium Robustissimum ‘Summer Show’

Oncidium072317.jpgI purchased this Oncidium Robustissimum ‘Summer Show’ from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate at their open house on Friday, July 14, 2017.  I found this orchid as I was about to check out.  It was hung from a tall pipe about seven feet off the ground, and had a spike that reached the ground.  They had a second one next to it with a shorter spike.  I inquired as to the possibility of getting a smaller one, and they brought me one with a five foot spike.  This is the one I currently have.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to photograph, as the spike is continually moving in the breeze.

This is my first “mule ear” oncidium.  It has much thicker leaves than most oncidiums, and need higher light.  The plant I have has clearly been growing in very high light, and the leaves are quite yellow-ish.  They also need to dry out between waterings, and my plant is planted in a rock mix.

I will leave this plant in its current container to see how it survives in my environment.

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