Laelia Lucasiana is in bloom again.

laelia072817.jpgI purchased this Laelia Lucasiana on my visit to SLO Garden Orchids in Arroyo Grande on September 13, 2015.  I initially had this planted in semi-hydro, but it did not do well.  When I built out the solarium, I placed it on the bottom shelf on the west side of the room, and it finally had a very small bloom.  Earlier this year, I divided the plant into two, and repotted them into my bark mix.  One sits on the upper shelf of the solarium, and one sits in the west-facing window of the orchid room.

Each is now in bloom, with three flowers apiece, and the solarium-plant has another sheath.

This picture is of the plant in the orchid room, and it is tinged red by the grow lights.  The blooms have started out white, and then turned purple.

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