The new grow lights are being installed.

Lights110417.jpgI have always had a problem with light in the orchid room.  It is just too dark for most orchids (at least those that need 2,000 fcs or more) to grow well.  The bulbs are smaller, the spikes are shorter, and few bloom.  I installed skylights in the room, but the large Pistache tree shades this region of the room and limited the skylight’s effectiveness.  I have shortened the trellis on the west side, and removed some beams on the east side, and that improved the light in the east and west windows.  I then installed the red/blue lights to increase the ambient light in this room, supplementing the sunlight/reflected light that comes into the room.

I believe that the red/blue lights marginally worked, but not significantly, especially on the top shelf.  So I have begun installing new lights, again attempting to get better overall light into the room.  The new lights

  • are brighter.  The LED strips are rated brighter, plus there are many more of them.  In this case, 8 strips replacing one red/blue strip.
  • are daylight-white, which shows off the plants well.

We will finish installing these lights this week, and see what happens.  We’ll get enough light sooner or later.

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