Odontioda (Tiffany x Joe’s Drum ‘Amethyst’) is in bloom

tiffany022018.jpgI acquired this Odontioda (Tiffany x Joe’s Drum ‘Amethyst’) from Bob Hamilton when visiting his greenhouses on May 14, 2016.  It was in bloom when I got it, and I placed it on the middle shelf of the west side of the solarium.  It nicely grew a new bulb, but did not bloom for me last year.  This fall, I decided that it did not have enough light, and moved it to the top shelf in the solarium, where my plants get the best light.  It developed a spike on this year’s growth, which is now blooming with four five beautiful flowers.

The interested thing is that last year’s bulb has now also developed a spike.  It is a shorter one, and looks to contain only four buds.  This is the first odontioda of mine that has bloomed on an old pseudobulb.

When photographing this plant, I notioced the twist on the top sepal of each flower.

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Dendrobium Victorian Blush ‘Royal Show 2002’ is in bloom

Victorian022018.jpgI purchased this Dendrobium Victorian Blush ‘Royal Show 2002’ from California Orchids at their spring open house in Bolinas CA on Saturday, March 25th.   It was a healthy plant when I purchased it, and has grown several new canes in its year with me.  I gave it a short winter’s rest, stopping watering on November 15, 2017, and resuming when I noticed the spikes coming.  It now has over 20 spikes, and well over 100 flowers.  It still has many flowers to open and should be in bloom for some time.

A fantastic plant!!

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Oerstedella Centradenia

Oerstedella020718.jpgI purchased this Oerstedella Centradenia from eBay seller laorchidjohn on January 31, 2018.  It is a small plant, mounted on wood, and is in bloom at this time.

Oerstedella (former Epidendrum) Centradenia grows from southern Mexico through Panama.  According to the web (e.g., here):

It is compact and vigorous, but can also be a rangy grower, with stems 8 inches on average, although some reach 3 feet.  It flowers from late winter to early spring, bearing dense heads of 1-inch lilac flowers on short spikes that last two months.  It grows well potted or mounted, and yields keikis freely.  It is tolerant of heat and cold.

Most growers seem to have success growing it in an intermediate environment, with fairly bright light.  It needs lots of water, and should not remain dry for too long.

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Lc. Gold Digger ‘O Glades Mandarin’ is in bloom

GoldDigger020718.jpgLc. Gold Digger ‘O Glades Mandarin’ is in bloom.  This is one of my oldest plants.  I got this plant from eBay through vendor orchidtn, as an “overgrown” plant.  I divided it into two plants, kept them initially in S/H, and it took them over two years to bloom.  The larger division has now been repotted into bark, and it is this division that is shown.  Six flowers on two spikes.  It sits on the upper shelf of the solarium, where it seems to do well.

The smaller division is now in bud (five buds on a single spike).  It is one of the few plants that are still in S/H, and I will probably repot it into bark after it is done blooming.  It sits on the upper shelf of the orchid room.

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Dendrobium Australian Artist is in bloom

Artist020718.jpgMy Dendrobium Aussie Artist, which is a cross between Den. Cobber ‘Violet Gold’ and Den. speciosum v. curvicaule ‘Daylight Moon’ FCC/AOC, is in bloom.  I recevied this plant from Sunset Valley Orchids (I purchased one, and the sent me two).  This one has now bloomed twice (It sits on the upper shelf on the east side of the solarium), while the second plant has not yet bloomed.

It is interesting that the yellow shows much better with the camera.  It is quite a pale yellow in-situ.

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Orchid Road Trip

Shelldance013118.pngOn the 20th and 21st of September, I traveled to Watsonville and Pacifica to visit two orchid places.  My first stop was in Watsonville, at the former Orchid Zone.  The Zone went out of business in April of 2017.  I happened to find the name of the person who purchased the remaining plants, after their initial sale of the inventory, and he suggested that I join an open house that he was holding for the Carmel Orchid Society.  All of the plants are in one greenhouse now (I think there were five initially), and they had many Odontoglossum hybrids in their collection.  They also had many of Tom Perlite’s bedding plants from the former Golden Gate Orchids.

I meticulously went through the collection, purchasing 10 plants (8 Odonts, one Masdevallia and one Paphiopedilum).

On the 21st, I visited Bob Hamilton and John Leathers at their greenhouse in Pacifica.  Here, I acquired about 30 plants total, mostly from backbulbs.  Many of these will bloom later this year, but most will take a year to develop.

As usual, visiting Bob and John was a tremendous learning experience.

A good weekend, acquiring many plants, meeting good people, and learning a lot.  I will be logging these new plants in my blog shortly.


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Odontioda Cornelia ‘Distinction’ is in bloom

Corelia013118Odontioda Cornelia ‘Distinction’ is in bloom again.  I was given this plant by Bob Hamilton on my visit to his greenhouse on May 7, 2017.  It always catches my eye because it is an unusual color for an Odontioda.

This is my only flower on this plant this year.  I broke off the initial spike, which would have had over eight flowers.  The plant nicely grew a new branch from below the break, which formed two buds.  I broke off one of these buds in watering, but -at least- one of the buds bloomed with this wonderful flower.

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