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Aliceara Hilo Ablaze ‘Hilo Gold’ HCC/AOS is in bloom.

I purchased this Aliceara Hilo Ablaze ‘Hilo Gold’ HCC/AOS from Brookside Orchids in San Francisco at Orchids in the Park on July 23, 2016.  I have it placed on the center table in the orchid room.  Last year it grew a great new bulb, larger than … Continue reading

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Aliceara Hilo Ablaze ‘Hilo Gold’ HCC/AOS

I purchased this Aliceara Hilo Ablaze ‘Hilo Gold’ HCC/AOS from Brookside Orchids in San Francisco at Orchids in the Park on July 23rd.  It is a tall plant with about a dozen blooms, and is planted in a 4″ pot.  The … Continue reading

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