KenKen Joy is an Emeritus Professor in the Computer Science Department at UC Davis.  His professional interests include computer graphics, scientific visualization and the mathematics problems that underly these areas.  He has also had a lifetime interest in plants, and growing plants, and decided to learn to grow and bloom orchids in January of 2015.  This new hobby has resulted in the construction of an orchid room in his home, and the collection of about 40-50 orchids.  This blog is an attempt to keep track of this collection and its growth over time.


2 Responses to About

  1. Marjorie Spenst says:

    Did I read right, you are repotting your dendrochilum wenzelii into semi hydroponics? I bought one in Feb. and I am thinking of doing mine. I have just started to replant some of my other orchids into semi hydroponics. Thanks


    • kennethijoy says:

      Hi! My experiment into semi-hydro did not work with dendrochilum wenzelii. I eventually lost the plant. I may have had more to do with the lack of light in the room where I placed it. Good luck on yours.


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