My New Greenhouse is Operational

I have had plants in my new greenhouse now for over a month, and they seem to really like it.  Whereas it looks full-ish, there is still plenty of room, especially for hanging plants.



Lots more work to do.  Perhaps the hardest part is getting a “final” from the city, but it will come.

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Odontoglossum Naevium is in bloom

Naevium101818.jpgI purchased this Odontoglossum Naevium from Ecuagenera at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco on July 21, 2018, and it is now in bloom.  I purchased two of these plants, one is in my new greenhouse, and one is in the solarium, and they both have two spikes and are in bloom.  The flowers on the plant in the greenhouse seem to be larger and brighter than the one in the solarium.  But both are beautiful.

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Odontioda (Cordatum ‘Midas’ x nebulosum alba ‘Beckendorfs’) is in bloom

Cordatum101818.jpgI purchased this Odontioda (Cordatum ‘Midas’ x nebulosum alba ‘Beckendorfs’) from eBay vendor letstalkplants on December 23, 2016.  It is a Rhynchostele, and a pretty one.  It was placed on the top shelf of my orchid room, under lights, and was moved to the new greenhouse.  It immediately developed a spike with four flowers.

This is one of my favorites, and I will keep it in the better light of the greenhouse now.

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Odontioda (Odontioda ‘Florescent’ x Odontioda Crystal Place ‘Bold Show’) is in bloom.

Florescent101818.jpgI purchased this Odontioda (Odontioda ‘Florescent’ x Odontioda Crystal Place ‘Bold Show’) from the Orchid Zone on my visit to their greenhouses on Monday July 17, 2017.  As with all the Orchid Zone plants, this one was a rescue.  It had not bloomed for me, and I placed it in the new greenhouse.  It almost immediately developed two spikes, each with 6+ flowers.  The flowers are very colorful, but did not fully open it appears, and I hope that they will open further as the plant gets mature.

It is a good addition to my collection though.

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Aliceara Hilo Ablaze ‘Hilo Gold’ HCC/AOS is in bloom

Hilo101818.jpgI purchased this Aliceara Hilo Ablaze ‘Hilo Gold’ HCC/AOS from Brookside Orchids in San Francisco at Orchids in the Park on July 23, 2016.  It had not grown well in my orchid room (probably too little light), and I transferred it to my greenhouse in late August.  It developed two spikes almost immediately, and is now in bloom.  The flowers are much larger and colorful than the time it bloomed in my orchid room.

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Odontoglossum Hallii

Hallii101818.jpgI purchased this Odontoglossum Hallii from California Orchids at the Fall Open House on September 22, 2018.  I already had a small one of these (probably will bloom next year), but this was a beautiful plant, in bloom and bud.  Should fit well in my greenhouse.

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Phragmipedium Lindleyanum is in bloom

Lindleyanum080618.jpgI purchased this Phragmipedium Lindleyanum from the plant table at the Sacramento Orchid Society meeting on January 4, 2017.  It was clearly a division of a much larger plant (There are many division dates on the back of the tag — to 1993).  It did not bloom for me last year, but grew well.  With the additional light in the orchid room, it decided to bloom this year.

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