Odontocidium St. Anthony of Egypt ’12-12′ is in bloom

Anthony060918.jpgI purchased this orchid on September 20, 2017 on my visit to the former Orchid Zone property.  It was one of the bedding plants that they had aquired from Tom Perlite of Golden Gate Orchids.  It has grown well since my acquisition, producing a healthy new pseudobulb and a three-foot spike with 12 flowers.

A very good plant…

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Chiloschista Siew Niang (lunifera x viridiflava) is in bloom

Chilo060918.jpgI purchased this Chiloschista Siew Niang (lunifera x viridiflava) from eBay orchid vendor laorchidjohn on August 20, 2017. This was a ghost orchid — an orchid that only has roots.  It was a very young plant, still containing a couple of its leaves (It should drop its leaves after a year or so), and I didn’t expect it to bloom.

To my surprise, it has bloomed nicely, with over 15 flowers on four spikes.

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Wilsonara Firecat ‘Harmony’ is in bloom

Harmony060918.jpgI received this Wilsonara Firecat ‘Harmony’ from a friend, who had found it at the Salt Lake City Orchid Society show in early April 2017.  It was originally planted in sphagnum moss, and bloomed nicely for me.  I repotted it into a bark mix after blooming, and unfortunately, it did not do well.  It did not grow roots into the new medium, and I thought I was going to lose it.

I repotted it again into fresh media, and placed it on the floor of the solarium, near the south window.  It produced a short spike and flowers shortly thereafter.

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Ada Glaumacea is in bloom

Ada060918.jpgI purchased this Ada Glaumacea from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate at their open house on Friday, July 14, 2017.  I divided the plant, as it had overgrown its original pot, and lost one of the divisions to disease.  I placed the second division on the upper shelf in the solarium, right next to the humidifier.  It is very hard to water there, as it is a maximum reach for me.

It has grown well in this spot, and about three weeks ago, I noticed that it was in bud.  It is now in bloom with seven flowers on a one foot spike.

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Odontioda (Odm. Extraria x George McMahon) is now in bloom

Extraria050818.jpgI acquired this Odontioda (Odm. Extraria x George McMahon) from Bob Hamilton when I visited his greenhouses on May 14, 2016.  This plant did not bloom for me last year, but has done better when moved to a location with better light.  I really like the yellow “spots” on a  white background.

It is a little hard to find information about Odm. Extraria, but some good information can be found on Andy Easton’s forum.

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Oncidium Speckeled Spire ‘Snowflake’ is in bloom

Spire050818.jpgI purchased an Oncidium Speckeled Spire ‘Snowflake’ from Brookside Orchids at the Pacific Orchid and Garden Exposition in San Francisco on February 24, 2017, and it is now in bloom.  It has a three-foot spike, with over 50 flowers.  I actually have two of these, after dividing the original last year.  The second will probably start blooming in a couple of weeks, although the spike is not as long on that one.

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Maxillaria Tenuifolia is in bloom

tenuifolia050818.jpgI purchased this Maxillaria Tenuifolia from eBay vendor orchidtn and it was delivered on June 11, 2015.  It was advertised as a full pot orchid, and was extremely overgrown in a four inch pot when it got it.  It has grown well over the years, divided a couple of times, but now in a bark mix, sitting on the floor of the solarium.  Even though it has grown well, it had not bloomed well for me.  Last year, it had a single bloom.  This year, it has many — probably because of the increased light.

…and it smells great!


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