Masdevallia (Veitchiana ‘Pacific Giant’ x Veitchiana ‘Bolin’)

 I purchased this Masdevallia Veitchiana (Veitchiana ‘Pacific Giant’ x Vietchiana ‘Bolin’) at the San Jose Orchid Show from Paph Paradise on June 7th.  It is an interesting Masdevallia as their culture is described as similar to a Cymbidium — i.e., can be grown outside.  So intermediate temperatures are OK, good humidity and good air movement.  It is described as a plant that is perfect for a beginner, and it should fit well in my environment.

The plant has started three new growths in the past couple of weeks.

Masdevallia1It was in bloom when I purchased it, but I did not take a picture until the three blooms had faded.  I picked up the attached picture over the net.

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