Encyclia Radiata

Encyclia072716.JPGI purchased this Encyclia Radiata at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco on July 23rd.  It was nearly out of bloom, but a good plant, and the price was right.  It has three pseudobulbs, one of which has the old spikes and blooms, and two new growths.  It is planted in bark, in a 2 1/2″ pot, which has been placed inside a 3″ pot.

This orchid is also called Anacheilium radiatum or Prosthechea radiata in many places.

According to OrchidsWiki, this plant is found in pine and oak forest in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela at elevations of 150 to 2000 meters. It is a warm growing plant and can be grown with the Cattleyas.  It needs lots of light, and needs to be planted in a well-drained medium that drys out quickly.  The plant needs to get dry between waterings.

The flowers, which are quite distinctive, are on short stems, so this is not a good hanging plant.  It tends to flower in the fall, winter and spring.

I will let it sit for a while before repotting, getting used to my conditions.

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