Laelia Lucasiana

LaeliaLucasiana917I purchased this Laelia Lucasiana on my visit to SLO Garden Orchids in Arroyo Grande on September 13th.  It was hanging very high on a cylindrical hanger (He made them from construction wire, formed into a 30 inch diameter cylinder).  I could just see the flowers, and I thought that Edi would really like this one.

Rudy, the owner of SLO Orchids, stated that he wasn’t quite sure of the name of this plant, but finding a number on the plant, and cross-referencing it in his notebook, he confidently wrote down “Laelia Lucasiana” — and from my research, I think he is right.

It has bloomed several times as the dried stems from the blooms were still on the plant.  I will keep this plant in its current planter until the flowers fade, then transplant it into S/H.

This is a terrestial orchid, it normally grows in rocks.

From an old geocities website: 

Don’t be in such a hurry to be re-potting these orchids. You should plan on potting for at least two years and preferably three. It’s OK if they grow on the rim of the pot. The nearly non-existant rhizome keeps the growth compact. When it does come time to repot, try to disturb the plants as little as possible. If neccessary, break the pot. Remove only media that is attached to any dead roots you remove. These orchids can be difficult to get established so we don’t want to set back happy orchids. Be Sure To Flush Pots With Plenty Of Clean Water Once A Month During The Growing Season.

So this should do well in S/H

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